Preparing for Summer Days

Each wonderful season in Britain brings a new set of challenges for everyone; travel considerations, heating bills and more. The same goes for our lovely pets and the wildlife who inhabit our gardens so with warmer weather in mind, here are 5 tips to prepare your animals for those long awaited Summer days.

Summer at Rooke's

1. Protect the skin

Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer in Dogs and the 2nd most common in Cats. Although their fur doesn’t need Sun Cream, other sensitive areas like the belly and ears do.

In cats, the eye area is very prone to tumours and special protection should be considered; speak to your vet for advice on this.

Make sure to pick up some Sun Cream that is specially formulated for pets because regular Sun Creams can be toxic to animals.

2. Long Hair, Don’t Care

You might be inclined to clip fur coats short during summer but this isn’t necessarily the best way to keep them cool. Animal fur is designed for good circulation and helps regulate body temperature as long as it’s well brushed.

3. No amount of time left in the car is safe

Summer at Rooke'sTemperatures in cars, even with windows open, can soar to impossible heats within minutes.

Do not leave any animal in the car for any amount of time.

4. Beware of lakes & rivers

Lakes and ponds with lots of algae growing may be toxic, while Rivers can carry strong currents. Your dog might love a cool dip but be aware.

5. Consider your garden friends

Winston Face of Rookes Pets Spalding

Worms tend to dig deeper into the earth during drier weather, so food for birds might be limited. Try to put out extra bird feed during summer months and consider a bird bath/watering hole for your garden friends like the hedgehog.