Allergies in Dogs & Diet

It’s awful to see your best companion suffering from allergies and sometimes it seems impossible to make them feel better having tried every medication and treatment in the book. Detecting allergies in your dog and then eliminating the source can be a lengthy and frustrating process.








However many are not aware that lots of allergies are actually caused by diet, not pollen or the weather. With changes in diet, many symptoms can be alleviated but the road to understanding which diet your pooch should be on is tiresome as changing your dogs usual grub too quickly or too frequently can cause issues of its own.


Usually though, our first recommendation for dogs with skin irritations, loose bowels, bad breath and wind, which are common problems, is to eliminate grains like wheat, corn and soy from your best friends diet.


Shockingly, despite these grains being a major cause of health problems in dogs, even the most luxury dog food brands produce foods that contain a very large percentage of grain as it’s cheap and filling.


There are lots of diet plans and ready made foods that offer a grain free solution though; one of the most popular is the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) which requires either a do it yourself attitude (hello meal prep) or a hefty monthly investment in pre-made BARF dog foods which are often frozen meats mixed with vegetables (and don’t forget the freezer space required).


The other option is to source a grain-free dry food alternative, like Seven Dog Food which is a hypoallergenic formula made with human-grade meat and locally sourced, fresh fruit and vegetables all gently steam-cooked without artificial colours or preservatives for better digestibility.


The maker of this range decided that Seven Dog Food would only be available through specially selected, knowledgeable stores who share their vision of health and vitality for dogs through nutrition.

 Seven Pet Food

Rookes Pet Products is proud to be a Seven Dog Food stockist and we’ll gladly advise you on nutrition for your dog including BARF options that are in store, as well as Seven Dog Food and others to help you find the right solution for a healthy, happy dog!