Reasons to adopt, not shop.

Adopt, Don’t Shop.

A campaign slogan used by a large and growing number of animal rights organisations and businesses alike.

Adopt Don't Shop - Rookes Pets Spalding

Last year, 2017, the RSPCA alone rescued and collected over 100,000 animals and re-homed around 45,000 which is a great feat, but it means that more animals are coming into shelters, than being re-homed.

At Rooke’s, we fully recommend that anyone considering owning a pet first considers adopting one before buying from a breeder and there are a few reasons for this;

1. Avoid Puppy Farms

Whilst there are a large number of registered and responsible breeders in the UK, there are even more breeders that have little regard for the welfare of the breeding animals or the offspring and are focused on profit. Often conditions are poor and usually the health of the animal is at risk both in the short term and long term.

2. By adopting, you’ll be saving a life.

Space at Rescue Centers across the country is limited, and by adopting you are making room for another in-need animal to come into the shelter.

Plus, your newly adopted pet is going to have a fabulous life at home with you and soon forget all about the days in the kennels.

3. You’ll save £££

Rescue centers do require a donation fee per animal you re-home, but this is much cheaper than the cost of buying a puppy or kitten from a breeder and usually, the animal will have been vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered/spayed and given a health check so those are all costs you get to avoid!

4. Get yourself a fully trained pet

You get to pick yourself a fully-trained, happy chappy! Avoiding those toilet training months is a big plus and although every pet needs plenty of your time, it’s not as much as a puppy or kitten needs during those critical first few months.

5. Pick the pet that’s right for you

It’s really difficult to tell what kind of personality your pet will have when picking at a few weeks old, choosing a rescue animal however means that the rescue center staff will be able to tell you all about each animal in detail and you can take home the purrfect pet!


Every month at Rooke’s we sponsor a dog who needs a new home at The Jerry Green Dog Rescue and share with you our Dog Of The Month and thanks to your help, Jerry Green have been able to re-home 3 of our sponsored dogs!

For more information about visiting Jerry Green Dog Rescue please call;  01205 260546.