Aloe Vera; For Dogs?!

Aloe Vera; we all know it’s great for sunburn but many don’t know of the positive health effects that Aloe Vera can have on our animals!

Aloe Vera For Dogs Rookes Pet Products

While Aloe Vera products specialised for animals are considered expensive and can be difficult to find, it’s worthwhile knowing about the options available for particular ailments.

Used externally, Aloe Vera is very soothing to skin due to its antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties which is why it’s a popular sunburn treatment but it’s also extremely effective on wounds, eczema, bites and stings. Due to its anti-fungal properties it’s also fantastic as cure for issues such as ringworm, yeast infections.

It’s best to buy Aloe Vera products made for animals as opposed to using the leaves directly from the plant as some parts of the leaf and plant contain Saponins which can have a laxative effect and shouldn’t be ingested by your dog.

Specifically, Aloe Vera has been listed as potentially toxic to dogs despite many sources citing it as safe for dogs to ingest. We recommend sticking only to external use for skin conditions as directed by product instructions.