Say cheese – hints and tips for capturing the perfect pet photo

Pet photography We’ve all been there. A camera roll filled with dozens of the same photo as we try to capture the perfect pet moment in time. And thanks to digital photography, we can just keep snapping away until we get the exact photo of our pet we’re after.

With entries for this year’s Face of Rooke’s now open, a Rooke’s discount card and the much-coveted title at stake, getting that perfect pet photo has never been more important!  So to help you out, we’re offering a few simple hints and tips so that you can capture that winning shot…

Photographing your pets1. Capture Character 

The best photos are those that capture the subject’s character perfectly. The wry smile, open mouthed laugh, caring glance… the same is true of your pets. You know your pet best, so you’ll know when he or she is at their most natural; whether that’s capturing a few ‘zees’ on the sofa, clawing at that cat post, tongue out after a frantic walk or giving you the classic puppy dog eyes. If you aim to capture their character, you’ll instantly add interest to your photo.

2. Aim for the eyes Photographing your pets

The eyes are the windows to the soul – whether you’re taking about your prized pug or your spouse or partner. Taking a photo against a plain background allows you to focus in on the eyes and capture more of that expressive character that adds so much depth to your photo.

Photographing pets3. Get down to their level. 

When you get down to their level, you get to appreciate your pet in context. You get to see their world from their perspective, which can create quite a dramatic effect. Playing with different settings and backgrounds also allows you to capture different moods.


4. Avoid that flash Photographing your pets

There are a few reasons why you don’t want to use a flash; apart from the fact it can scare smaller animals, it can also do funny things to dogs’ eyes and even wash out the paler colours found in feathers. Pets with white fur can also end up looking completely washed out. So try to go for well-lit spaces so that you can get some real contrast in your photo

Photographing pets 5. Make it fun

While we channel our inner David Bailey to get the perfect shot of our pooches, remember that it can be a little boring for them; especially if they are being made to stay still and pose. Keep lots of treats and toys to hand to capture their attention and reward their patience.

Face of Rooke’s is open to pets of all shapes and sizes. It’s open for entries now and will close on 1st August 2021 at 4pm. You can enter online at

The winner will become the Face of Rooke’s 2021 and after a winner’s photoshoot,  their pictures will be used across our promotional activity for the year. You will also get an exclusive Rooke’s discount card to use for 12 months every time you shop in store. What are you waiting for? Get entering!