Barrier Tangle Free & Silky 500 ml


A natural, non-greasy conditioner for manes, tails and coats, leaving them stong, tangle free and silky.

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Tangle Free & Silky is a unique, natural, non-greasy conditioner for manes, tails and coats that deep conditions each strand of hair, leaving it strong, tangle free and silky.

A quiet, fine-action trigger spray ensures even coverage to both wet or dry hair. Ideal for use when plaiting, quartermarking and grooming to give coats a luxurious shine and flat finish. Regular use helps prevent the build up of dirt.

– Natural conditioner for mains, tails and coats
– Simply mists through wet or dry hair
– Gives the coat a luxurious shine and a flat finish
– Ideal for plating and quarter marking

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100% High Grade Natural Herbal Derivatives.