Animal Instincts Comfort Crate Cover


Made from durable polyester, the comfort cover is lightweight, showerproof and fits snugly over the crate.

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Animal Instincts Comfort Crate Covers are designed to fit over the full range of comfort crates.

Their durable and lightweight nature means they’re built to last and light to carry.

Privacy flaps which can be rolled up and secured with Velcro offers multiple levels of privacy and ventilation.

To get your pet in and out of the crate while the cover is on, there is a zip on each corner which allows you to fold up any side of the crate.

There are pockets for storing toys and food to help you stay tidy.

The mesh screen ensures insects are kept out but at the same time lets plenty of light and air in.

Overall, Animal Instincts Comfort Crate Covers create a safe and comfortable home for your dog to retreat to, decreasing anxiety and reducing nervous barking. The measurements given relate to the width, depth and height of the cover.

Small – 62x45x50cm
Medium – 78x49x58cm
Large – 94x59x66cm
X Large – 108x70x79cm
Jumbo – 124x70x84cm

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