Make the most out of your dog’s exercise regime!

ExerciseAll dogs need exercise; even the smallest of pooches needs a regime to keep him from developing health and behavioural issues. So to break up your routine a little, we’ve created a list of exercise options for you and your furry best friend!

  • Cover New Ground

Get out of a rut and try a different route.  For us, following the same path every day gets boring on a visual level, but for a dog, there’s nothing new to smell!  With an exquisitely sensitive nose, every scent sets your dog’s brain off into a smell-tastic escapade that we can only dare to imagine.

The same smells day in, day out, can get boring for those with fine-tuned noses, so mix it up a bit and go left instead of right, right instead of left, and find yourself in some unchartered territory.

  • Walk in a Pack

Do you have friends who have their own dogs?  Walking with other dogs mimics the natural pack instinct of your dog. It is a great way for your dog to make new waggy-tailed buddies and gives you the opportunity to have a good ‘chin wag’ as you take in the scenery.

  • Play Time

A walk can be livened up with a bit of jump, catch and fetch if you take along some dog friendly toys.  Frisbees are a favourite for dogs who love to jump and catch the wind. Balls with throwers will get your pet racing for the ball at the speed of light and a gentle game of fetch will be fun for older dogs or those with less agility. Rooke’s has a great selection of affordable toys, get our staff to show you when you’re next in.

  • School Time

Sometimes you can teach an old dog, new tricks! Your dog’s mind is always ready to learn. Training your dog stimulates their mind and is as good an activity as running and jumping.  Obedience training is the back bone of a good relationship with your dog and will build trust between the two of you.

If you prefer, join a training class so you can engage with others and get advice from those more experienced in educating your dog.  Or keep an eye on our upcoming events; we regularly have dog training demos in store!

  • The Right Accessories

Whilst it’s fun to get out there and let loose, it is also worth giving some consideration to your choice of lead or harness. Different sized dogs need different leads and collars. The health and temperament of the dog may also determine your choice of lead.

Next time you’re in, ask one of our members of staff for some advice. They’ll be more than happy to help and can point you in the right direction.

  • The Clean up

And remember, whatever fun ways you choose to liven up your walks, don’t forget to poop and scoop! It makes these fresh, spring walks nicer for everyone.