Horsing around

Horsing aroundExercise is an essential part of life for stabled horses. How much and what to do will depend on the breed of horse you have, where she is kept and what you use her for.

In order for a horses circulation to remain efficient, they require regular movement; especially in their feet and lower legs.  For horses that spend a great deal of time in a stable without any exercise, they can develop swelling. Light walking for no more than 15 Р20 minutes a day should be more than sufficient to prevent this from happening.

When riding, you need to take the horses fitness into account. The best way is to determine what fitness level is required and create a daily routine that gradually builds her up to that . Once your horse has reached her desired fitness level, you can use common sense as to how to progress her regime; for example a horse that exercised heavily on one day may not need a big work out the following day, but rather a 20 minute walk to ease stiffness in the joints may be all that is required.

As a rule of thumb, to keep a horse in tip top condition requires about two hours of exercise every day. However, please remember that in order to keep her back and girth regions toned, she does need to be saddled and ridden regularly.

As with humans, both circulation and digestion are improved by regular exercise and horses that are left in stalls can become constipated and may develop mild circulation problems. Ensuring that she has a balanced diet and exercise regime will help to keep her healthy and in great condition.