Don’t Put Your Chin In Water

ChinchillaThe very last thing you should ever do with your Chinchilla is bathe him in water.

With fur 80 times more dense than human hair, if you put your Chinchilla in water he’ll clump – it will be a real mess!

Not only that, his fur repels fleas; they can’t get through it to burrow. So if you enjoy having a pest free pet, take heed of this advice.

However, just because he’s not a water baby, that’s no excuse for him not to wash. The best Chinchilla bathing solution is dust!

You probably spend time trying to remove dust from your home and now you’re being told to go out and buy some, but it really works.

Armed with dust simply pour it onto your Chinchilla. Trust me, he’ll love it. He’ll start rolling in it automatically.

As well as giving your pet enjoyment, dust plays a serious role in Chinchilla hygiene; it penetrates to the base of the fur and absorbs oil, so it’s a win win.