Walking Etiquette – Mind Your Manners!

Dog walking is great for getting fresh air and exercise. No matter what the weather, here are a few tips on how you can make your daily walks a pleasure, rather than a chore…

Correct Leads

Fitting a collar

A collar and lead is a walking must as even well-trained dogs may bolt into harm’s way if they spot a squirrel. When you choose a collar, remember that your dog will fight against a tight one and will slip out of a loose one. A perfect fit is loose enough to place two fingers comfortably beneath.

Gencon headcollar

If your dog pulls, and is getting stronger by the day, then try a Gencon. One of the simplest and most effective headcollars available on the market, Gencons are gentle on the dog and very effective.  The Gencon consists of two simple loops that apply gentle pressure when your dog pulls, the lead gently but effectively stops your dog pulling forwards. They are made from soft yet durable fabric and are specifically designed not to pull up into your dog’s eyes or uncomfortably turn their head. The Gencon headcollar is a perfect training lead for both puppies and grown dogs.

Obedience Training


Your dog should be responsive to commands. If he pulls, say ‘No’ and stand still until they stop straining. It may seem like a battle of wills to start, but your dog will soon learn that pulling equals no walk.


When your dog is off the lead, you must be able to recall him. Start by using an extending lead or a training lead. Let your dog walk a few metres in front, then call him back. If he responds, give him a treat. Extend the lead each time until you are confident that he responds to your commands consistently.


Take your dog somewhere without too much distraction. Keep him on the lead and say ‘Sit’ whilst gently pressing on his hips. When he sits, give him a treat immediately. Treats work wonders!

If you are still finding it difficult to get your pooch to respond to the basics, you may consider dog obedience classes. We have a list of trainers in the local area, just pop in to ask us!

Clearing Up Dog Poo

Leaving your dogs’ mess is not only against the law, but it’s unhygienic and spreads disease. Make sure you always have an ample supply on bags when you go out for your daily walk.

Handy containers that attach to the lead are a great way to stop you from getting caught short. If there is a bin available, use it. If not, take it home with you. It is basic dog walking etiquette and prevents pathways and pavements from becoming a minefield.


The summer is a great time to be out and about with your dog, but it’s important to be a responsible dog owner and stick to good etiquette. From good basic training to considerate hygiene, make sure you’re prepared for the great British summer and those lovely walks.