The Importance of Routine for your Dog

The importance of routine for your dogDogs, like us, are creatures of habit.  We might not be able to function without our daily coffee and, similarly, our pets might get stressed if they don’t go for a walk at a similar time each day.  A daily routine will give your dog a sense of structure, helping them to feel happy and confident.

Here are a few Rooke’s Recommendations for creating a routine and the benefits of sticking to it:

1. Set Meal Times

Providing a structure to mealtimes will help regulate your dog’s metabolism so they can consistently burn calories throughout the day.

Feeding your dog in the morning will boost their energy ready for a walk later on in the day, and feeding them again in the evening will enhance their nutrition after that period of exercise.

Maintaining a routine for their mealtimes helps you to ensure they don’t become too heavy and therefore at risk of diabetes, arthritis or other health-related complications.

In addition, feeding your dog at set times will prepare them for other activities that might pop up such as play time or visitors, and allows you to plan your day around them.

2.  Working to a Routine

Setting a schedule that aligns with your daily routine will help to keep your dog on the same cycle as you.

Letting them out first thing in the morning to go to the toilet and to have a quick leg stretch, before their breakfast, means there’s less chance of accidents.

Try to keep their breakfast at the same time each day, before following up with a walk.  This way, your dog will have another opportunity to do their business and burn off some energy before you go about your day.

Sticking to a routine should also free up some time for you to play with your dog – they’ll be happy, relaxed and ready for some ad-hoc playtime as they get to spend more time with their favourite human – you!

Ultimately regular meal times and exercise will help prevent your dog from getting bored, reducing the risk of bad behaviour as they’ll feel mentally stimulated and ready for a well-earned rest each night.

 3. Active Dogs are Happy Dogs

There are a lot of pros for regular exercise for dogs:

  • It keeps them mentally and physically engaged as they can stretch their legs in a different environment and find new smells and trails, so there’s less chance they can become overweight and lethargic
  • It can prevent health complications such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity and heart disease
  • Combined with a well-balanced diet, you can prolong their life with regular exercise and improve their overall quality of life
  • They’ll feel more relaxed and confident with a sense of structure
  • Burning excess energy can help prevent boredom which could result in poor behaviour

If you work during the day and feel your dog might be missing a walk then it may be a good idea to invest in a dog-walker.

Providing your dog with a routine to support a balanced diet and regular exercise will benefit their metabolism and help them feel engaged and stimulated as they display positive behaviour.

And don’t forget, matching your daily schedule with your dog’s routine allows you to spend some much-needed time with them for play, licks and fussing!