Attention dog owners – here’s something to chew over

Just like us, dogs need clean teeth in order to maintain hygiene, not to mention keeping that dog breath at bay!

Brushing their teeth removes stuck foods and reduces plaque build-up. But if you can’t get your dog to take part, then try dental chews which scrape the teeth clean.

Here are just a few benefits of good dog dental hygiene:

Brushing cleans gums as well as teeth.

The bristles of a toothbrush clean under the gum line and both bristles and chews prevent dreaded tartar, which works the gum line away, causing gingivitis, bleeding and soreness. A mouthwash can also be used. By adding 10ml to his drinking water, Rover gets the benefit of ongoing dental protection – not to mention better breath…  and you don’t need to teach him to gargle either!


Most pets need to be anaesthetised to have dental work carried out, and that comes with its own dangers. Keeping up a dental routine for him means you can avoid the risks… and the vet bill!

Better overall health                                                                                       

A painful mouth can prevent your dog from eating properly. If your dog is losing weight, it could be that they have dental problems. Many illnesses are caused by poor doggy dental hygiene, so make sure you are on top of it.

Good dental hygiene is vital for your dogs’ health and wellbeing. Make it a daily routine, don’t be rough and don’t forget to reward him with a tooth-friendly treat afterwards.