Located in the heart of Spalding and just a short walk from the town centre, Rooke’s Pet Products has been open for business for over 40 years!  Pretty impressive, eh?

After starting out in West Pinchbeck, Rooke’s opened its Cradge Bank doors in the mid-nineties.  Back then they had around 1,500 pet products stocked on the shelves, but as their customer base grew and the demand for various popular products soared, Rooke’s retail moved to its current High Street store in 2008, leaving the warehouse to run the wholesale side of the business.

Fast forward several years and Rooke’s now stock over 7,000 products pleasing even the pickiest of pets!  Whether you own a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, rat, gerbil, chinchilla, ferret, parrot, fish, gecko, bearded dragon, corn snake, horse, goat or chickens to name a mere few, Rooke’s have got you covered!

It’s not a small store by any means; In fact, you must ‘‘see it to believe it’’ as they say.  Only then can you truly appreciate just how impressive the retail store is.  And when you do visit, be sure to bring your pet along for the journey (pets are always welcome at Rooke’s).

The Team
Having recently recruited a new Sales Assistant, Joey, to their growing team of 14, everyone at Rooke’s has one thing in common… their love of animals.

The Rooke’s team continuously strive to help the local community with their pet-related needs.  And with several members of the team having worked for Rooke’s for many years (maybe more years than they’d like to admit), you can be sure they know a thing or two about caring for pets.

Simon, the Store Manager, has worked for Rooke’s for an impressive 18 years. And Hayley, Rooke’s Store Assistant, has been with the pet shop since 2011, with Assistant Manager Ben joining not long after her in 2013.  Bringing a wealth of pet care knowledge and experience to the team, we wanted to know their personal favourite pet products…

Simon recommends Cat’s Best Cat Litter – he uses it with his (very spoilt!) house cat.  ‘‘It may not be a glamourous topic, but every cat owner needs litter, and Cat’s Best is long-lasting and cost-effective.  I wouldn’t use anything else for my cat!’’ says Simon.  It’s also popular among our customers – it makes unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past by trapping the nasty smells inside OkoPlus’s organic fibres. (This fibre comes from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood which accumulates naturally in the environmental cycle, therefore using this wood is a help to maintaining healthy forests; win-win!).

Hayley, Rooke’s Store Assistant, recommends the Gor Octopus dog toy; ‘‘My late dog, George, absolutely loved this toy.  George was a Dachshund and loved to play and cause mischief – he was very handsome too (not that I’m biased!).’’  This eight-legged dog toy is available in various sizes from ‘‘baby’’ to ‘’big daddy’’ and comes in pink, purple and blue – they’re in high demand with our fur-customers (probably because they crinkle, honk and squeak!)

And finally Ben, Assistant Manager, recommends Seven – a premium grain free complete range of dog food‘‘Seven is hugely popular with our customers, particularly those who have dogs with intolerances or sensitivities. We’ve used Seven for our family dogs and have been amazed at the visual improvement.’’  Seven dog food is hypoallergenic and made from a gentle formula with freshly prepared ingredients.  Not only that, but every bite is rich in animal protein, Omega 3 & 6 and there are no artificial colours of preservatives.  It’s also available in a variety of flavours including angus beef, duck, chicken, lamb, salmon with trout and more!

Mr Rooke
Of course, we can’t not mention Mr Rooke himself… Jason Rooke!  Jason started working in the business in 1996 alongside his father. A year later he took the reins and has been in charge ever since. He’s watched the business grow (literally) and seen it become the local go-to independent pet store that it is today.

But for Jason and the Rooke’s team, it isn’t just a business… it’s a community. Customers are like friends and family where they watch puppies grow into strong adult dogs and owners share their pet ownership highs and lows.  As strong advocates for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, Rooke’s offer more than just pet supplies – they’re also on hand with a wealth of knowledge and advice too.  Not only that, but Rooke’s and their fantastically supportive customers generously donate numerous pet supplies to local charities and furry friends in need.  Jason explained, ‘‘With the fantastic help from our local community, we have supported many animals in need over the years, in Spalding and further afield.  It’s incredibly heart-warming to witness the community pull together to support animals of all kinds, near and far. Our pets are a part of the family and Rooke’s is a shop that has been built with them in mind. There’s a reason why we say its “Where Pets Would Shop.”

The Face of Rooke’s
If you know Rooke’s then you’ll know all about the renowned Face of Rooke’s competition.  Every year proud pet owners submit photos of their pets in a bid to become the next ‘‘face’’ of Rooke’s.  The competition is hugely popular receiving hundreds (and hundreds!) of entries.  It’s not surprising when you learn the winner gets a £100.00 voucher to spend in store, an exclusive store discount for 12 months which they can use every time they shop at Rooke’s, as well as their very own photoshoot where their pictures are used across all Rooke’s marketing materials!  Buzz, a 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel, is the 2023 reigning champion, and his winning photographs are all about town!  From in the Rooke’s High Street store and on our social pages to local newspaper and magazine articles, we bet you’ve seen a lot of Buzz!

Face of Rooke’s is now in its 11th consecutive year and we cannot wait see who will take the crown next!  A curious kitten, regal reptile or happy hedgehog perhaps?  It’s happened before – Winston the hedgehog won in 2016!

The next Face of Rooke’s competition launches on Sunday 27th August 2023.  If you think your pet has what it takes to be our 2024 winner, simply click here and enter them today!  And if you need a helping hand, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you capture the puurfect pet photo here – Say Cheese!


It’s fair to say Rooke’s isn’t just a pet shop; It’s your go-to independent pet store proudly serving the Spalding community continuously with pet care essentials to ensure your two or four legged friends live happy and healthy lives.  Whether you need assistance fitting a harness, advice on the best food or a helping hand with crates, cages or bird feeders, Rooke’s are here to help.  So pop in an visit the team… and don’t forget to take your pet along for the ride!

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