No More Hoofing Around, Learn How To Trim Your Goat’s Hooves

GoatHow often you need to trim will depend on the type of ground you have. Goats living on rocky, hilly properties will require less trimming than those who live on softer ground. But as a guide, usually every six weeks is about right.

Before you begin

You need a good sharp pair of footrot shears and a small woodworker’s rasp. This is a good investment for smoothing off the soles of the feet.

Kids should start to have their feet trimmed at around 4 weeks of age. This will get them used to the process and you’ll have very little trouble when they’re older.

First, tie your goat up securely – even if he’s used to it. He’d probably rather not stick around if he has the choice!

Don’t cut corners

Stand at the side of your goat and start with his front feet; simply lift up the foot up you want. For the back feet stand at the back of the goat and lift the leg between your legs.

Begin each foot by digging out the dirt between his toes, then trim excess nail parallel to the lines of growth. Then take away the excess nail tissue around each toe. Finish your goat’s manicure, by taking the woodrasp (which hopefully you prepared earlier) and filing down the sole of your goat’s foot so it’s flat.

Warning – Do not trim too much off your goat’s hooves. When they look pink, the blood is just below the surface and it’s time to STOP!