Ich, also known as White Spot, is a common parasite found in tropical fish. These parasites can be fatal to your fish and getting rid of them takes a little determination, but can be done.

If your tank gets infected, here are a few things you can do to help treat and cure your fish.

The most important thing to do is take action quickly. As soon as you see white spots on the body of your fish, act. Ich multiplies quickly and will spread to other fish in the tank.

Using Ich medications can stop this from happening for the most part. Even if only one fish is infected, you need to treat your entire tank. If you can, to be on the safe side, set up a quarantine tank for the infected fish. DO NOT move the infected fish, the excess stress could kill him. Instead move all your other fish. But still treat both tanks.

Changing the water daily in the quarantine tank, can help stop the Ich from being as bad. You could change the water daily in the main tank, but it’s stressful for the fish without Ich, so an isolation tank for the infected fish is a good solution.

Once the water has been changed in the tank, heat it up by a degree every few hours, to a maximum of 86 degrees; warmer water will help reduce the lifetime of the parasite. Also vacuum the gravel daily, preferably just before you change the water.

Do these things every day until your fish is no longer showing signs of the parasite. But, be sure you treat the water for chlorine BEFORE putting it in your tank.

Also add aquarium salt to the tank. While it doesn’t have any direct effect on the parasite, it will help your fish’s gill function. And make sure you follow the specific dosage specified on the box. Do not use salt where scaleless species, such as catfish, are present. One dose per entire tank is all you need until you change the tank’s water.

And finally make sure you add the measured dose of Ich treatment too. Make sure you continue the treatment every day until 6 days after the spots have gone and your fish are acting normal.