12 Fun Ways to Work Out with your Dog

Not only is working out with your dog a fun way to strengthen your bond, but active dogs are less likely to exhibit bad behavior problems because they are regularly burning their energy. This means they will be less likely to dig, chew expensive shoes, scratch couches and jump on your in-laws as they walk through the door. The more you engage in physical activity with your dog, the less interest he will have in participating in or initiating destructive behaviors.

Check out this list of 12 fun ways you can work out with your dog:

  1. Running – You and your four-legged athlete get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina and strengthening muscles. Kind of like multitasking with your dog!

  2. Walking – Regular walks can reduce common behavior problems, strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure and overall provide more energy to both you and your dog.

  3. Dancing – If walking is not your favoured activity of choice, dancing will have your dog running between your legs and performing other tricks.

  4. Cycling – Are you scared that your dog is too fast for you? Take your dog biking with you and set out with your dog running by your side. Studies show that this kind of exercise can help your dog be better behaved.

  5. Rollerblading – Rollerblading is a great way to burn off a dog’s excess energy, but make sure you are confident on your rollerblades – otherwise your dog will make you fall!

  6. Football – Believe it or not, some dogs love to play football. It will get both your heart rates up by kicking the ball around and racing after it. Your dog might even learn how to kick or dribble the ball with his nose/paw.

  7. Hiking – Most dogs love the outdoors, especially the new smells. Exploring the outdoors with your dog also gives them the opportunity to see other animals while out in nature.

  8. Agility Training – The fast pace in agility training provides a great workout and is lots of fun! Agility training combines an obstacle course suited to your pup, whilst you can run alongside them.

  9. Frisbee – The classic canine workout. Frisbee is great for training your dog and working on your mutual relationship. Another bonus is that frisbee will help your dog to sleep better at night.

  10. Swimming – It turns out our canine companions may also reap rewards from time spent in the water. Swimming improves muscular strengthening and toning, while working the heart and helping your dog to breathe easier, without the impact of concussive exercise on land and the associated damage that it may cause.

  11. Active Fetch – Fetching allows dogs to flex their muscles and be praised while doing it. Another major reason why dogs love to play fetch is because it allows them to show off their ingrained capabilities.

  12. Doga – Otherwise known as dog yoga, doga is all about the pet-human bond. There’s often some doggy massage and acupressure involved too!