Rooke’s Pet Products always strives to offer fantastic value to our customers. We’re proud to offer Every Day Low Prices on a number of essential products.

Unfortunately, currency and commodity fluctuations are having an effect on pricing for some products resulting in price increases which are unavoidable and understandable.

However, due to the sudden increase in demand, some of our suppliers are choosing to withdraw their support of long standing promotions, forcing an increase in the retail price.

We do not think this is acceptable. 

Rooke’s Pet Products will not profiteer from this unfortunate situation, but due to these factors, for some products, we will be forced to increase prices to cover the supplier cost.

However, as an essential retailer, we promise to:

  • Object to all unnecessary price increases from suppliers; we are fighting your corner.
  • Subsidise prices where we can.
  • Not increase margins on ANY products or take advantage of these difficult times.
  • Clearly label products where suppliers have changed their prices or removed long term promotions (as a result of increased demand) or where a price increase is as a result of fluctuations to currencies or commodities.
  • Be honest with you and continue to offer the best value and service that we can.

Where there is a price increase, we will label products as follows: