YowUp! Cat Prebiotics Yoghurt 85g


Natural yoghurt for cats which helps their digestion, reduces feces odors and improves the immune system.

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Natural yogurt made with a formula adapted for your furry friend, without added sugar, lactose-free and 0% fat. A daily food supplement, perfect to mix with feed or give directly from the container.

It contains prebiotics of vegetable origin specific for your cats, extracted from beets, and certified by veterinary studies that confirm the benefits they provide to cats: they improve intestinal health, the nutrient absorption process and reduce feces odors.

These yogurts are a healthy and daily food supplement, ideal for mixing with feed or giving directly.

Additional Information

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Nutritional Information

Fermented dairy products (lactose-free yogurt) 95.6%, corn starch, 0.6% pectin, 0.5% dry oligofructose and flavorings.

Analytical constituents:
Protein 3.2%, Fat 0.1%, Crude Fibre 1.0%, Raw Ash 0.8%, Moisture 87.6%, Calcium 0.1%, Lactose <0.1%.